About NCD

NCD, the Dutch Association of Board members and supervisory Board members, is an association with approximately 1.500 members.


The mission

The NCD is an active network of entrepreneurs – executive and non-executive directors – working in medium to large-sized companies. The main objective of the NCD is to improve your professional performance by means of sharing your personal experiences in an open and inspiring atmosphere, and providing information.


Knowledge, experience, inspiration

Every year the association organizes a number of meetings/conferences with a variety of speakers. These meetings give members the opportunity to meet each other and share experiences and knowledge about subjects which are relevant to their profession. The subjects of the conferences are diverse; they vary from ‘preparing a reorganization’ to ‘the combination of a professional and a private life’. The NCD has established several partnerships with wellknown firms and associations, including the European platform ecoDa.

NCD-members can also join one of the 40 regional groups of executive directors; membership of these groups is exclusively for NCD-members. The groups meet eight times a year on average and give members the chance to speak openly about personal experiences. Similarly non-executive directors can join one of six regional groups to meet colleagues. The NCD is about inspiring and being inspired.


Advice and tailor-made information

The NCD offers members various services, such as a one-to-one sounding-board with a trusted representative regarding personal and business matters or advice when thinking about a career move. The NCD can also help you with questions regarding for example the employment contract, legal issues or take-overs.

The website of the NCD offers members a practical information platform where members can share knowledge and experience in various ways. Members also have access to whitepapers and presentations published by our partners, this part of the site is open exclusively for our members. The site also includes a list of frequently asked questions.

Every member receives a number of publications, such as the digital magazine LeadershipNL, and the weekly digital NCD-Newsletter.

The NCD organizes tailor-made studies (both leadership and governance) for entrepreneurs together with respected educational institutes and experts under the name of NCD Academy.


Membership fee and requirements

Membership of the NCD is a personal membership. In order to become a member you must be an independent entrepreneur, an executive or non-executive director of a company. The membership fee is € 365,- per year, the entrance-fee is € 175,-. The amounts mentioned are exclusive of VAT (21%). If you would like to know more about becoming a member or about one of the mentioned activities, please contact the NCD.